There are no great mysteries or secrets in the construction of a superb accordion. The discerning musician must just look closely at the ingredients employed in the process of achieving this quality. Each model Pietro Mario creates, involves a carefully thought out and executed set of standards to ensure we achieve the finest quality instrument. The ingredients we employ are: innovation, wood quality, reed quality, unique varnish and a very high level of skill.


Pietro Mario is a new generation of handcrafted accordions exclusively designed for musicians playing Irish traditional music. Based on continuous research and development, listening and engaging with accordionists, Pietro Mario is in constant pursuit of new techniques to handcraft instruments of musical and technical quality, that are also aesthetically pleasing, while still maintaining the traditions of the art of accordion making. Pietro Mario accordions are all compact in size and light in weight.

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Wood Quality

A very important aspect of the craftsman’s art is the ability to judge the quality of the wood being selected for the accordion. To be considered are such things as – density, grain spacing and amount of time it is left to naturally air dry. Selecting the best wood is crucial in ensuring the durability and the acoustic quality of the accordion. Carefully selected wood also greatly enhances the looks of the handcrafted instrument. Pietro Mario selects the finest aged mahogany and walnut as its woods of choice.

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How sound is perceived, like many other things in life, is truly subjective. Each reed manufacturer produces reeds of varying quality and musical characteristics. In general if comparing like with like – quality and price – one type of reed brand is not better than the other – just different. Choosing how the reeds are tuned is what contributes most to the “sound” the musician is seeking. Therefore if the player likes the technical aspects of the accordion but not “the sound” Pietro Mario will tune the reeds to achieve the unique sound the player requires. Pietro Mario uses the best handmade Binci and Voci Artigiana Reeds, Tipo A Mano Professional Reeds (By Voci Artigiana) and Super Durall Reeds.

Also available are the exclusive PIETRO MARIO reeds - HANDMADE PROFESSIONAL and TIPO A MANO.

Quality accordions with quality reeds = quality sound.

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Along with violin makers, we know and understand the importance of varnish and wood. Suffice to say that varnish plays a crucial and important role in the acoustic properties and quality of the instrument. Aided by experienced violin craftsmen we have developed a varnish that will not inhibit the acoustic properties of the wood, and will enhance its tone quality and looks. This has been achieved through experimentation and acoustic research.

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Pietro Mario only employs master craftsmen who in the Italian tradition of apprenticeship, training for many years, are capable of crafting and creating by hand these superb accordions. Pietro Mario accordions are handcrafted in the Bompezzo Giampaolo factory to Pietro Mario specifications, designs and standards.

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